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Inspired by Apphia Michael, online fashion editor at Wallpaper Magazine /// contributor at Lapetitmag. Tellkiddo is launching a limited edition paperbag, only 20 bags available.

All numbered at the bottom of the bag.

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Also some pictures from the photo shoot with a ferry little friend.

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Read the artical in La Petite magazine to get to know more about Apphia Michael here
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And Im included 🙂

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Find it here

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See the whole post here

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Win a bear paper bag at her blog here

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Find the bag here

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Read the whole blog post here

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Wall of text alert, but something good at the end, I hope. Okay here we go: 
Some of you will not agree on this and it’s okay but I have been thinking about this for the upcoming season and I like your thoughts on it. Last year we did a calendar with gifts for Sam and Micha. Each day they got to open a small gift, it was: a balloon, a small ball, small car, a pen etc. It was fun to do something small each day but I realized after it was so unnecessary with all these small cheap things they did not need.
This weekend I was in a classic toy store in a mall, they had made this small market stand, filled with stuff to put in a Christmas calendar. I went over there just to see what it was, and really it was so much crap (sorry to say) but it was small plastic animals, bad painted cars, quick produced games, all small and tiny for the “perfect” calendar.
I love to shop for our kids (I shop more to them than to myself) so it’s not that I’m against the calendars filled with toys, I just want to raise the bar a bit. I don’t have the economy to fill a whole calendar with good gifts, with that I mean, toys without chemicals, from independent brands, good produced, creative etc. That is what I fill the Hanukkah and Christmas gifts with. So, what I will try this year is to fill 24/25 days with a kind gesture mission along with one block from that will make a nice castle at the last day, but what would be a suitable kind gesture for the kids everyday? Sam is 3,5 and Micha 2 years old, any ideas? ❤️

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